The Development of a One-Woman Show Based on Personal Story 
Don't You Have Dignity, Mama? (Trailer)
(original title: Ze Ren (责任))

Audience Reviews: 
"Xiaojuan Shu is a wonderful performer and storyteller, with a wry sense of humor and terrific sense of character."                                 
---- Jeff Greenwald, Author, Travel Writer, and Storyteller

​​"Xiaojuan Shu has a poetic delicacy rarely seen in nature. You'll find yourself mesmerized, glued, frozen in place, taking in every nuance."
                                                                                                                            ---- Ty Mckenzie, Co-producer at Stage Werx Theatre, Stage Lighting Designer, and Writer

"We love, root, and feel for Xiaojuan and her mother, one of the most unforgettable characters ever. Xiaojuan Shu serves the audience in ways she may never know. She heals us. Genius too how she writes so beautifully and performs in her second language."
---- Bradley Paterson, Writer and Solo Performer

“Mesmerizing and funny. Xiaojuan Shu’s fearless spirit inspires us to pursue our wildest dreams and shows us what it is to be truly American.”                  
---- Alison Whittaker, Writer, Solo Performer, and Nurse

"I learned more about modern China in 20 minutes from Xiaojuan Shu's solo work than in years of news reports."                                
-- --Annette Roman, Writer and Solo Performer

“Xiaojuan Shu has a wonderful sense of humor and often places it to punctuate scene endings so that just when you’re about to dissolve into tears, 
you’re laughing and completely charmed.” 
---- Laurie Guerin Carnal, Writer, Solo Performer, and Co-producer of Word Up 
"This is at times hilarious (I love how she can just toss off a line), at times heart-wrenching (I even choked up hours later when I was telling my sister about the show), and always absorbing."                 
---- Mia Paschal, Actress, Playwright, and Solo Performer

"One of the sweeter surprises at the 2012 San Francisco Fringe Festival was Ze Ren....Xiao Juan Shu's performance has a gawky authenticity which includes the kind of mangled phrases and nervous pauses that help an audience warm to her personality..."      
---- George Heymont, San Francisco-Based Arts Critic
                                                                                              (Read the full article on 
Huffington Post)

  • Don't You Have Dignity, Mama? (70 minutes), performed at The Open Book bookstore in Grass Valley, CA. Sponsored by CATS (Community Asian Theatre of the Sierra)
  • Becoming a Filial Daughter (18 minutes), performed at Solo Sundays Solo Performance Series at Stage Werx Theatre, San Francisco, CA
  • Becoming a Filial Daughter (18 minutes), Monday Night Marsh at The Marsh Theatre in San Francisco  



        Monologue performed at 
Monday Night Marsh at The Marsh San Francisco (Title: Ze Ren)



        Solo performance class with 
David Ford at 
The Marsh Class, San Francisco, CA (Class performance: Indecision)

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